Why are Americans Going Hungry?

Food insecurity is a growing problem in the US, with nearly a quarter of the population worried about where they will get their next meal. Despite the country having some of the largest and most efficient farms in the world, many Americans cannot always afford enough food. President Biden claims his economic policies have helped ordinary Americans, but the figures suggest otherwise.

Inflation and Food Prices. President Biden addressed the nation in February, stating that inflation was falling and his economic policies were helping ordinary Americans. However, while official government figures show a slight decrease from last year’s peak, American workers are not seeing any improvement at the grocery store. Prices for daily essentials are higher than ever before, and the effects of this are starting to have a significant impact.

Urban Institute Study. On March 21, the Urban Institute released a new study on food insecurity. The study found that when President Biden took office, 20% of Americans were suffering from food insecurity, meaning they couldn’t always afford enough food. After two years of massive government spending, that figure has increased to 24.6%. Despite the President moving trillions of dollars around the economy, the money is not making its way into the pockets of ordinary people.

Rising Costs. Under the Biden administration, costs have risen for nearly everything, but the worst impact has been on food. In the 12 months ending in December 2022, food prices rose by an average of 10.4%, but that figure hid much steeper increases for some essentials. Dairy products, for example, are up by 14%, while eggs cost a staggering 70.1% more.

Impact on American Workers. The Urban Institute study found that 63.2% of US adults reported their grocery bills rising “a lot.” Of those, 62% said they were either buying less food than before or swapping cheaper items for the foods they really wanted. Many were taking money from savings or running up credit card debt to pay for food. At the same time, they were also being hit by increases in gas prices, rent, mortgage repayments, and health insurance. President Biden’s spending bills may not be helping people get through this new economic crisis, despite what the White House says.