Burying Cash for Safekeeping


The idea of digging a hole and burying money (or other valuables) in it may seem a little crazy. However, there are several good reasons to bury your money, namely coins. Maybe pirates had the right idea all along.

As the video explains, you’re better off burying coins rather than bills, mostly due to moisture. Many people simply keep their money in bank accounts. However, some people don’t trust the banks. Instead, they keep their money stashed somewhere, usually in their homes.

Unfortunately, home isn’t always safe as natural disasters such as floods, fires, tornadoes, and hurricanes can easily decimate a house and all of its contents, cash included. With your money buried underground in a waterproof container, you don’t have to worry about the weather having an effect aside from a potential buildup of moisture.

Buried money also prevents anyone from stealing it unless they know where it’s buried. You can make burying the money as simple or complex as you want; you can follow the video’s lead and use a Ziploc bag, or you can create a cache out of PVC pipe; the choice is yours.

Check out how you can bury a cache, not only cash, but other supplies you may need in an emergency. The pirates were definitely onto something.

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