Advanced OPSEC: Protecting Your Information Online


While the Internet has done a lot of good, it’s also a place for opportunistic criminals to gather information on you. In some cases, it’s not just criminals looking to use your data for personal gain. The need to protect your information and, in turn, yourself has never been higher.

In the information age, what can the average person do to keep their private information private? The following video gives a few pointers on where to start:

It’s no surprise that big tech companies are watching our every move. Unfortunately, we gave them that power when we decided to carry a cell phone everywhere we go. However, as shown in the video, there are ways to stop trackers on certain apps and services by opting out of terms they sneak in when you’re creating a profile.

You can limit the amount of information being collected by big tech. However, it’s unlikely that you can limit all the information being collected, especially by Big Brother, who’s always watching. A simple way around these information harvesters is to buy items in person and with cash. This will bypass the majority of the cyber trail (unless, of course, there are cameras recording the transaction).

This form of advanced operational security will help you protect yourself and stop others from seeing what you’re buying. Check out how you can keep your preps safe with operational security (OPSEC) and apply it to anything you deem necessary. Perhaps even think about hiring a red team to better evaluate your security.

What steps do you take to limit the ways big tech tracks your every move? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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