Fortify Your Perimeter: DIY Defenses for Your Home

Fortify Your Perimeter: DIY Defenses for Your Home

Your home is your castle, as such keeping it safe from intruders is a top priority. When defending your home, the perimeter (or border) of your property should be your first line of defense. You and your family are safer if intruders can’t even get to your doorstep.

Charley Hogwood shows a couple of DIY devices to increase security on the YouTube channel Survival Dispatch. Watch it here:

Of course, you could always go buy a fancy security system. But, not everyone has the finances to effectively do so. In some cases, such as an emergency, there simply may not be enough time to set one up. There are still home defense systems that can be easily created using common household items, though. Even leftover bricks, rocks, and other hard objects can be used to your advantage.

The idea with these area denial devices is to make it hard or uncomfortable for someone to hide. Placing these devices around trees, bushes and other areas of concealment is ideal. Intruders will take advantage of any little detail they can, even a mound in your yard. By placing rocks, broken bricks, or even stakes in your blind spots, you can either discourage them from hiding there. Anything that someone can use to duck from your field of view is considered a blind spot.

Criminals will use these to their advantage to scope out your property as they look for weaknesses and points of entry. The best thing about these DIY devices is they’re cheap and easy to make. Remember, you’re not trying to hurt anyone; you’re simply trying to deter them. Causing harm to someone could lead to legal issues, even if they were wrongly on your property.

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