Is Elon Musk the Ultimate Prepper?

Is Elon Musk a Prepper?

There’s no doubt that Tesla is one of the most innovative companies in America, if not the world. Everything that it has created helps someone become more self-reliant. Tesla builds equipment that is stronger than conventional equipment. Elon, the founder and owner of the company, also has a space program known as SpaceX, which looks to colonize Mars one day. This teases the question; is Elon Musk a prepper?

Of course, there are plenty of rich preppers, they have the money, why wouldn’t they prepare for the worst? However, Elon sort of stands out. Aside from the US government, one might say Elon is the biggest prepper in the world. Why, you ask? Look at what his company creates.

Tesla creates not only vehicles that run on electricity, and can be charged with solar power, but they also create ways to use solar power. They make solar panels that allow you to harness the energy of the sun, but they also produce a way to store that energy. This lets you drive and charge your vehicle, not to mention power your entire home.

Elon Musk believes that if humanity can’t successfully colonize Mars, that we as a species will eventually go extinct. This is what motivates SpaceX to get astronauts to the Red Planet. Humans are expanding their territory, but we’re also invading the homes of wildlife in our quest for more space; nowhere has more than space. SpaceX also looks to launch a system known as StarLink. It will provide everyone everywhere with high-speed internet, which some people find to be worrisome. After all, what’s the difference between the government tracking you and a privately owned organization?

There are a few technologies that Tesla has created to help people become self-reliant, they include:


Tesla is known for its innovations in the automobile industry, specifically the electric-car market, providing the world with several options to fit varying lifestyles. They’ve even designed a truck known as the CyberTruck, which is allegedly bulletproof. As standard with the Tesla vehicles, it also has an auto-pilot mode, allowing it to go anywhere on its own. This could prove vital in a SHTF situation. With their ability to power themself with the sun, Tesla vehicles can drive through even the most unforgiving terrains, such as this Tesla Roadster.


There is a 13.5-kilowatt hour battery system that you place in your house with the ability to stack 10 of them together, allowing you to power your home for a long time even after the power goes out. Even just one of these can power your home. It can be completely drained and still be able to fully charge back to 100%. The Powerwall allows you to store all that solar energy you collect, at least until it’s full anyway.

Solar Roof

This is a much more innovative and attractive technology than your standard solar panel. The Tesla Solar Roof uses solar panels as shingles, able to replace your existing roof. Not only can it charge your batteries and power your home, but the Solar Roof is extremely durable, able to take on hail almost 2 inches in diameter flying at 200 mph. These solar shingles are stronger, and they also outlast conventional shingles drastically.

Final Thoughts

While this is the company owned by Musk doing this, ultimately it is his say as to whether they should or not. Elon understands that eventually people will need to rely on themselves, and be able to sustain themselves. Of course, having all-electric everything poses its own problems, and likely won’t be of much help in the event of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Though you have to give it to Musk, his inventions are changing the world, hopefully for the better.

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