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Lost Fisherman Survives 17 Days Alone in the Woods

( – A fun fishing trip turned into a fight for survival when 69-year-old Harry Burleigh lost his way hiking to Twin Lakes in Oregon. Harry found himself lost without a map, compass or even a bottle of water, all of which he left in his vehicle. To make matters worse, Harry suffered an injury […]

Extreme Drought Brings Major US Lakes to Dangerous Lows

( – Two of the western United States’ most recognizable lakes are at historic lows thanks to extreme drought striking the region. Both the Great Salt Lake and Lake Powell are currently at record-breaking low levels with little hope of recovery any time soon. Lake Powell, the second-largest reservoir in the nation, sits at 33% […]

Fatal Shooting Ends After Gunman Stoned to Death

(Modern – A small gathering in Fort Worth, Texas, ended in tragedy early Monday morning when an angry partygoer left, then returned with a gun. The man fired multiple shots at those in attendance before being taken down by gardening rocks thrown by the crowd of people in an attempt to defend themselves. One […]

Unlikely Hero Saves 10-Year-Old

( – Ten-year-old Lily was on a walk with her dog Macy when she was suddenly attacked by a wild coyote. Macy, a six-year-old Yorkie mix, rushed in to defend her young owner and was savagely attacked by the coyote. The coyote grabbed Macy by the neck, leading to injuries that required 40 stitches to […]

10 Actions to Take Immediately After a Major Emergency

First Things to Do after SHTF
(Modern – Emergency situations can be dangerous, especially when decisions are being made under duress. Stress and panic can lead to deadly mistakes. Establishing a plan of action before facing a disaster of any kind is one way to ensure everyone has the best chance of making it out safely. In the following video, […]

Woman Mauled to Death By Pack of Dogs

( – On July 12, 29-year-old Amber Miller was attacked by a pack of dogs while walking down Jimtown Road in Cocke County, Tennessee. Six days later, despite undergoing multiple surgeries, Miller succumbed to her wounds and passed away. Man tells @AbbyKousouris he helped dog attack victim to the hospital before she died @wvlt […]

Federal Judge Sets Deadline for Death Sentence Decision

( – A federal judge has given prosecutors until September 10, 2021, to decide if they will pursue the death penalty against Louis D. Coleman III. Coleman stands accused of kidnapping and murdering Jassy Correia on the night of her 23rd birthday. The chief justice for Massachusetts, Judge F. Dennis Saylor IV, has stated prosecutors […]

Camping Trip Ends in Tragedy for Three Men

( – A weekend camping trip at Michigan’s Faster Horses Festival became a death trap for three men on Saturday, July 17. Carbon monoxide filled up the camping trailer the young men were staying in, leading to their deaths. Police believe the carbon monoxide likely came from a nearby portable generator. In total, five men […]

Impossible Foods Eyeing New Market

( – Impossible Foods Inc is launching a new line of products into the market, following up on their Impossible Burger. The company, which specializes in “fake meat,” is looking to impress with a new line of plant-based chicken nuggets. While this may be great news for vegetarians and those who cannot afford rising meat […]

Horrific Automotive Accident Claims 4 Lives

(Modern – Four individuals are dead and two more are injured following a horrific automobile accident in Hickory Hills, Illinois. The driver lost control of the vehicle which then struck a tree — splitting the car in half. Two of the car’s occupants died at the scene, and two more died at the hospital […]

United Nations Report Reveals Global Nutrition Nightmare

( – Thanks, in part to the global pandemic, the number of people unable to access adequate nutrition recently increased dramatically around the world. According to a report from the United Nations, 2.4 billion people are now facing food insecurity, a sharp rise of 320 million from the previous year. The coronavirus pandemic and resulting […]

Grizzly Bear Who Mauled Camper Finally Found

( – While camping near the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana, Leah Davis Lokan was dragged from her tent and mauled to death by a grizzly bear. The 65-year-old Californian was on a mountain biking trip with two companions before falling victim to the bear. While not all bears are put down following attacks on […]

Search Scaled Back for Missing Hiker

( – On July 2, 2021, a 23-year-old woman left her tent at Shadow lake for the West Fork Trailhead in Montana. Her intent was to climb a mountain peak over 12,000 feet in elevation before returning to her camp. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Described as an “avid and experienced hiker,” […]

Critical Infrastructure Crippled – Prepare NOW

( – For years, preppers have been warning of cyberattacks that could cripple the country’s critical infrastructure. This threat, they claim, could lead to a variety of issues from shortages of vital supplies to full-blown blackouts rolling across the nation. While most people have blown these claims off as baseless conspiracy theories, recent events are […]

FBI Issues Dire Warning for America

(Modern – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has issued a dire warning to America for the days leading up to the presidential inauguration. The FBI has reason to believe there are threats to capital cities in all 50 states, beginning January 16th and lasting through the inauguration on the 20th. The warning indicates […]

Former Israeli General Breaks Silence On Extraterrestrials…

Former-Israeli-General-Breaks-Silence-On-Extraterrestrials (1)
(Modern – The year 2020 has been a rough year worldwide, from the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic fallout to civil unrest which spread like wildfire through many countries. This year has been so bad for many that a half-hearted game of post-apocalyptic bingo has even sprung up, with topics ranging from zombie infestations […]

Remembering Pearl Harbor And Honoring Those Who Served

Remembering Pearl Harbor And Honoring Those Who Served
(Modern – Japan’s surprise morning attack on Pearl Harbor On December 7, 1941, pulled the United States into World War II. The Japanese coordinated attacks of fighter planes, bombers, and torpedo planes sank all eight U.S. Navy battleships and killed 2,403 Americans were and 1,178 others were wounded. All but the USS Arizona were […]

Important Information About “Deer Warts”

(Modern – You’re out hunting when you spot a deer and take your shot. After tracking the animal down to its final resting place, to your horror, you find it has many strange wart-like growths. Aside from being disturbing to look at, the condition commonly known as “deer warts” can make anyone question eating […]

Remember When the US Dropped a Toilet Bowl On the Enemy…

(Modern – Occasionally, history can be stranger than fiction. Such was the case in November of 1965 during the chaos of the Vietnam War. Aboard a VA-25 A-1 Skyraider, CDR Clarence W. Stoddard, Jr. took off from the USS Midway with a rather unusual payload destined for North Korea. In the following video, We […]

Foraging for Your Food

Foraging for Your Food
(Modern – When the thought of staying supplied with food comes to mind, people often go straight to hunting. Hunting is a great way to get food for yourself, but there aren’t always animals around to hunt. If you know how to forage, you may not need to look any further than your own […]

Surviving Quicksand

Surviving Quicksand
(Modern – From the likes of The Princess Bride to the new Star Wars film, the threat of sinking to certain death in quicksand has been a popular menace in Hollywood for many years now. Hundreds of movies and cartoons have used this natural phenomenon to terrorize their heroes. But what exactly is quicksand […]

Emergency Water Prepping

Emergency Water Prepping
(Modern – Water is the most basic necessity for life aside from breathable air. Water should be one, if not the biggest part, of your preparations for disaster. Below is a video by City Prepping on YouTube explaining how to store water for short- and long-term scenarios, as well as where to find water […]

Surviving a Wolf Attack

Surviving a Wolf Attack
(Modern – Wolf sightings have increased more as we invade their territory. While it’s unlikely to be attacked by a lone wolf, a pack may be more willing to strike out at you. Even if you’ve never encountered a wolf before, knowing how to survive an attack may save your life if you ever […]

Prepare For Election Chaos Now

Prepare For Election Chaos Now
(Modern – 2020 has been anything but ordinary and more than three months remain in the year. With the presidential election a little more than over 40 days away, things will likely get crazier. There’s no better time to prepare for election related turmoil and chaos than now. The divide between Republicans and Democrats […]

Military Tactics Deployed Against Americans?

Military Tactics Deployed Against Americans?
(Modern – Every great civilization that has fallen has done so from the inside out — sometimes from their recklessness, and other times from outside influences. The relevant question to ask is, “are these tactics being used against Americans right now?” In today’s age, foreign influence comes easily via the internet, particularly on social […]

Whistleblower Reignites COVID Conspiracy

COVID Manmade... I Can Prove It!
(Modern – The coronavirus has remained the center of attention for the majority of 2020. We know it came from China, and we know the communist country mishandled the virus. Its lack of transparency allowed the pandemic to spread rapidly throughout the world. China has been hiding something from the get-go, but what? Virologist […]

Hit Squads and Insurrection? Caputo Thinks So…

Hit Squads and Insurrection? Caputo Thinks So...
(Modern – No one knows what’s going to happen after the November election. Many on the Right speculate there will be civil unrest like we’ve never seen before if President Trump wins a second term. Meanwhile, the Left believes if Joe Biden wins, Trump will not leave the White House without a fight. NYT: […]

China’s NEW Horrific Disease

China's NEW Incurable Disease
(Modern – China has already been largely scrutinized by nations around the world for its handling of the coronavirus. The communist country’s lack of regulations and safety measures make it easy for illnesses to occur. That’s why it’s no surprise that yet another disease has been found in China, COVID 2.0? 2.4 million people […]

Climate Change or Arsonists?

Climate Change or Arsonists?
(Modern – Wildfires continue ravaging the West Coast, with no sign of slowing down. Some experts point a finger at climate change as a contributor to the outbreaks. Is this true? Or, is there possibly something more sinister going on behind the scenes? A #Portland man released after lighting a brush fire allegedly set […]

Barr Announces Update on Operation Legend in Chicago

Barr Announces Update on Operation Legend in Chicago
(Modern – US Attorney General William Barr launched Operation Legend on July 8, 2020, in Kansas City, MO. The operation is an initiative in which federal, state, and local authorities work together systematically to fight violent crime. Operation Legend has extended into several major cities, including Chicago, where the situation has changed drastically. Work […]

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