Survivalist: 3 Knots Every Prepper Should Know

Survivalist: 3 Knots Every Prepper Should Know

Preppers look for specific skills to add to their arsenal of learning to help them survive when necessary. A straightforward skill preppers should all know is the ability to tie knots. Whether you realize it or not, the need for knot tying skills is likely to arise in a time of crisis.

The video below discusses three simple knots every prepper should know.

Three of the most useful knots every survivalist should learn include: the double sheet bend, the bowstring knot, and the alpine butterfly knot. Each of the three is simple to learn and easy to tie.

The first, the double sheet bend, is used to extend your cordage when it’s too short, which is great for when you’re setting up camp, but your ridgeline is too short. You can use the Double Sheet Bend to extend your line from one tree to another, allowing you to set up your tarp-tent quickly.

The second, the bowstring knot, is aptly named. It’s a simple knot that’s fully adjustable and used to put the string on a bow. This can be especially useful if you’ve lost or broken your current bowstring. After all, a bow is useless without its string.

The third knot is the alpine butterfly knot. You can use this knot to tie your cover to the ridgeline. The alpine butterfly knot gives you a fixed loop that won’t slip or come undone on its own.

There are a ton of useful knots a survivalist can use in many situations. As always, be sure to practice tying knots to perfect the technique and learn how to tie them efficiently.

When you’re trying to survive in the wild, efficiency is the key to whether you live or end up on the wrong side of statistics. Now that you’ve learned about tying knots, you can read about emergency water prep.

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