Teaching Children Skills They Won’t Get At School


Public schools teach the next generations of children a great many skills such as reading, writing and mathematics. Unfortunately, their education falls flat when it comes to basic life-saving survival skills.

Our children are the future, and teaching them essential life skills like survival is crucial. Children are like sponges and absorb information. So why not teach them some vital skills?

Children can be somewhat of a problem in an emergency due to their youthful nature. They can be hard to control and keep calm during. That reality makes teaching them how to survive important.

Additionally, if the children in your family know how to survive, they are less likely to distract you in a high-stress situation requiring all your attention. Likewise, they’ll be less likely to panic if they’ve been taught what to do and when to do it.

What To Cover

Children should be taught how to find and clean water. They should also be able to build a shelter and know how to start a fire. The ability to navigate can more than save a child’s life, especially if they were to become separated from a group. For that reason, some basic training with a compass and map is essential.

Teaching children how to hunt and find their own food is critical as it can enable them to provide for themselves or a group of people — perhaps you! Children should also be taught how to defend themselves, whatever style of living they currently enjoy.

Children are an essential resource in our society, and they are irreplaceable members of our family. They should be taught important subjects such as survival. Start with teaching them the first step in creating a survival shelter as it is one of the most essential survival skills.

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