3 Ways to Repurpose Plastic Milk Jugs

3 Ways to Repurpose Plastic Milk Jugs

Repurposing an item not only allows you to reuse it in ways other than its intended purpose, but it also lowers the amount of waste going into landfills. Some people have found ways to reuse old milk jugs. Check out these creative applications.

One way an old milk jug can be repurposed is by simply filling it with water. Old milk jugs allow you to store water for use later on. After emptying the jug the first time, wash it and rinse it out, then store water in it in case of an emergency.

Another way to repurpose these versatile jugs is to cut the top half off and pour sand into the bottom half. Place a small candle in the sand. Now you have a weighted light source.

If you elect to make a light from the jug, don’t throw away the top half you cut off. Instead, use this part as a funnel. All you need to do is flip it over and take the cap off.

There are several repurposing methods when it comes to plastic jugs, but some require more prep than others. We mentioned using old jugs for storing water; it’s important to know how to store your water correctly for short and long-term scenarios. Now, put all those old jugs to work!

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