Avoid Excessive Body Heat Loss… How and Why

Avoid Excessive Body Heat Loss... How and Why

The human body can do extreme things. However, when it comes to enduring the cold, it falls short. You can quickly lose precious body heat even in above-freezing temperatures. Here’s why you need to avoid that heat loss and how it affects your body.

Hypothermia begins the moment your body starts losing more heat than it can generate. In reality, hypothermia is pretty easy to prevent. You simply need to provide the body with fuel (food) and a way to retain the heat it produces.

However, every person is unique, and each body comes with its own predisposed weaknesses, which being uncomfortably cold may amplify. The body will constrict the blood vessels to keep more blood and heat near the core. In other words, the body sacrifices the hands and feet to protect your important organs.

But as you continue to lose heat, your body’s functionality lowers as well, and soon it will be working at partial capacity. Eventually, the brain panics, which can cause you to think you’re warm and potentially strip down. The best way to avoid heat loss is to avoid the cold. If you begin to feel uncomfortably chilly, you need to stop whatever you’re doing and seek shelter and warmth.

The winter months obviously bring cold weather with them, and unfortunately just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean disasters don’t occur. Be sure to check out how you can stay warm when the power goes out.

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