Stay Clean With Minimal Water

Budget Bathing and Showering

Hygiene should never be overlooked no matter how severe the situation. Without proper hygiene, the risk of illness increases, as do the chances of wounds becoming infected.

In an emergency or survival situation, access to clean water may be limited. However, the need to stay clean is still a pressing matter. Here are a couple of ways to bathe on a “water budget.”

As seen in the video, you can poke holes into a tin can and create a makeshift shower head. You can also purchase mobile showers that warm up in the sun. Sometimes, however, your situation is a little more serious than camping; life can be hard, and not everyone can have the luxury of water.

You can use a wet towel to clean yourself. Start from your cleanest areas and work your way to the dirtier areas. With this method you avoid spreading germs all over your body, or at least minimize the spread.

Areas like the buttocks, arm pits, and groin should be done last, if not separately. People who are overweight should make sure to clean under any folds in their skin as microbes can quickly fester and grow in those areas.

You can also use hand sanitizer to clean yourself; just be careful as alcohol (the active ingredient in sanitizer) can dry your skin out rapidly. If you don’t have sanitizer, check out this CDC formula for homemade sanitizer.

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