Bugging Out On a Motorcycle

Bugging Out On a Motorcycle

Motorcycles are great leisure vehicles to own in the best of times. However, they can also become an invaluable asset after SHTF. With its size and fuel efficiency, a motorcycle can be one of the best vehicles to use when bugging out.

However, you need to pick the right motorcycle for the job — a Harley or Ducati is probably not your best choice when SHTF. You need something that’s going to be reliable, quiet, and suited for several terrains.

Although most motorcycles get good gas mileage, some are better than others for traveling long distances. For that reason, be sure to read up on fuel specs for any bike you consider purchasing. You also should take the time to consider the frequency and difficulty of required maintenance checks and services for various cycles. For example, a Ducati probably isn’t an ideal choice in a survival situation.

Next, you’ll have to think about storage capacity. There’s not much storage space on a bike. At most, you’ll have two saddlebags and a cargo rack. Steel-framed motorcycles offer you the ability to use strong magnets to add extra storage space to your bike. Just be sure to distribute the weight equally.

Speaking of supplies, since you have limited storage space, be sure you carefully choose what to pack on your bike. However, make sure you leave enough room for extra fuel. You never know when you may need it.

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