Is Self Reliance Becoming Illegal?


Self-reliance means you don’t depend on the grid, the government, or the rest of society for your daily needs. Why would that be wrong? Unfortunately, in many places, self-reliance is already banned or is well on the way to becoming a prohibited behavior. So, to answer the question, is self-reliance becoming illegal? In many places, it already is.


When it comes to powering your home, you likely have a utility company that you pay x amount of dollars to every month. That’s where the problem lies — in the people who make money from your consumption of power. There are plenty of ways for people to generate their own power, which are likely better for the environment than the sources used by NextEra Energy, American Electric Power, and others. However, alternative sources for your power take earnings away from the greedy corporations that supply power to communities nationwide.

Some states like Nevada actually punish their citizens for using solar power. You won’t get any jail time for using solar energy there, but be prepared to pay a health fee for the privilege of providing your own power. Additionally, at one-time, power companies were required to purchase excess energy produced by private individuals using solar and other alternative systems. Sadly, that practice has dwindled to next to nothing in recent years, stealing much of the incentive of going off the grid.


There are plenty of ways to collect your own water. However, doing so is illegal in many states including collecting rainwater. And it’s not just stated with regular rainfall that enforces such cretinous laws. Many states that suffer from inadequate water supplies due to annual droughts prohibit the collection of rain.

Stocking Up

Now, you’re probably wondering how states could criminalize stocking up on essential items. As it turns out, in many jurisdictions, they don’t do it directly. They make it illegal to purchase or possess certain items in large quantities like firearms and ammunition.

While many of us in the more conservative states simply laugh at our unlucky fellow Americans, we’re missing the fact that liberals are already pushing to enforce those laws on a nationwide basis. On top of that, the government regulates what we can buy to monitor who buys certain items so they can monitor their activities.

Big Brother

It probably comes as no surprise that Big Brother is watching you — perhaps while you’re reading this article. However, their claws dig much deeper than mere surveillance. They want to force your dependence on them and the services they provide. In the long run, that dependency makes you vulnerable and easier to influence than if you could become self-reliant for your basic needs.

After all, that’s how we got into this mess in the first place. We gave them that power, and they fed off of it. Now, they’ve worked their tentacles into every aspect of our lives. If you don’t play by their rules, you face the possibility of having essential services shut off to include the provision of municipal water.

That’s not a democracy; that’s a dictatorship.

Final Thoughts

Self-reliance remains safe in many places to the extent it is even encouraged — more or less.

However, some places have already made it unlawful, and others are moving in that direction. It seems that Big Brother is always watching and pushing for new ways to regulate your life.

Fortunately, the government can’t stop you from learning the prepping basics. This article explains why you should prep, and this one covers common survival mistakes to avoid.

Are there any laws against going off the grid in your area? Are there laws against collecting rainwater? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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