No Need to Prepare for the Worst… Or Is There?

No Need to Prepare for the Worst... Or Is There?

Preparation is the key to surviving disasters or incidents that put us at risk. However, for whatever reasons, people actually make excuses not to prepare. When the time comes, they’ll regret that decision and understand that when lives are on the line, there are no excuses. So, let’s go over why you need to be prepared.

Excuse #1: I Can Get What I Need From What I Have

While yes, it’s true that you can get what you need from what you have, you really shouldn’t rely on that alone. Besides, what if disaster hits right before payday, and the shelves are bare at home?

Another reason to have extra supplies is that you don’t always have time to stuff a backpack and hit the road; that’s why we have bug-out bags that are ready to go. Disaster often forces people to leave with little to no notice – grabbing a pre-packed bug out bag takes very little time at all.

Let’s say you do have enough time to throw what you need into your bag. Do you know if there’s enough food for the amount of time needed? Do you know if those batteries you’re depending on are fresh and going to last? Do you have enough water for the recommended 3 days?

Those are all questions that can easily be answered if you just put the time in and prepare.

Excuse #2: If It Happens, It Won’t to Me

Well, hate to break it to you, but simply saying something isn’t going to happen to you isn’t going to stop anything that’s on its way. While it’s true that chances of being affected by an emergency are low, it still happens. Take Texas, for example, which probably never expected to see that much snow. Some residents even paid the ultimate price for not being ready.

It just goes to show that disaster can strike anywhere and at any time. It’s better to be prepared and see nothing happen than suffer a tragedy that leaves you fighting for your life.

Excuse #3: It Won’t Be That Bad

This is for people who think something might happen to them but doubt it will have serious impacts. That’s like saying you’re going to jump off a bridge, but your injuries won’t be that bad. You know the risks, and you may even fear what’s to come. However, you don’t let that fear stop you from making bad decisions that could leave you dead or seriously injured.

The same goes for prepping: You might think you have enough and stop stocking up. While in your head this seems like a good idea, and you believe you can get through anything with what you have, the reality is that you need to keep building your preps up. Often, the more you have, the better off you will be.

Excuse #4: I Can Buy Emergency Supplies at Any Time

This is a serious problem among many of the people in the world today. They simply believe they can just go to the store and buy what they need when they need it. However, as the beginning of 2020 showed us, this isn’t always the case. Our supply chain is extremely fragile, and supplies don’t last long at all.

When you prepare you buy the supplies ahead of time, often avoiding the panic and the inflated prices. Emergency supplies aren’t always readily available, and you should buy what you can while you can.

Excuse #5: The Government Will Help Me

Seventy-two-hour emergency kits are designed to help a person get by until help does arrive. Unfortunately, in extreme cases, it can take an entire week before help arrives. So, in short, if you don’t prepare properly, it could cost you your life. Take Hurricane Katrina, for example; many people died. But did you know that 1 year prior to Katrina, a massive tsunami occurred in the Indian ocean and killed far more people than the hurricane?

Millions were impacted, and many people felt empathy for those affected. However, it did little in the minds of people in the sense of being prepared. When Katrina finally hit, few were ready. Post-Katrina, people all over the nation wanted to be prepared because they realized that it could’ve been them.

As far as the government helping you goes, look again at recent events in Texas. There are some disasters the government can’t control or stop. This is true for anywhere in the country. The only people who can truly help you are your friends, community, family — and most importantly, yourself.

Check out the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) list to see the must-haves of survival. They may not always be able to help you, but they can guide you in the right direction.

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