Building a Rocket Stove


In a survival situation, fire is often essential to stay alive. Whether it’s needed to sterilize some water, cook a meal or simply provide warmth, having a reliable fire is vital. While a simple campfire is often enough to achieve these goals, there are better options out there that won’t burn through the available fuel nearly as fast.

One perfect example of a better way to use fire is a rocket stove. The following video explains how to easily create a rocket stove using cinder blocks:

Of course, you could always just use a regular fire to do the job, but that’s going use more fuel. If resources are limited, stretching the available fuel is a good idea. With a rocket stove, you don’t need a bunch of logs to cook or boil anything; in fact, you don’t need much more than some small sticks.

Rocket stoves are a great alternative to even your everyday stove, making them great for when SHTF. The stove in the video is made entirely of cinderblocks, although you can make rocket stoves using other items such as bricks or even blocks of wood. Even if you’re not a prepper and maybe you just want to live off-grid, rocket stoves are a great option.

Just because you can boil water to sanitize it, doesn’t mean it’s completely clean and clear of bacteria. You should always keep an emergency water supply just in case disaster strikes. If you run out, then you can move on to having to boil river water, or even toilet water. Remember, it’s always best to tinker with these off-grid tools and equipment before something drastic happens. Take the time you have now to learn which methods work best for you, and as always, be safe.

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