Survival Scenarios

Survival Scenarios helps our subscribers to become prepared for the unknown and not become dependent on the government or others when disaster strikes. Emergency services will be stretched thin so being prepared will allow first responders to help more people who truly need assistance.

We are becoming well known and important in survival resources throughout the world. The Survival Guide is providing weekly news, tips & tactics to help our members increase their survival skills no matter what they encounter.

Preparing for Martial Law

Preparing for Martial Law

Martial Law typically refers to temporary military control over civilian authorities in a country, typically resulting from some sort of emergency. Many preppers are...
SHTF: Avoid These Criminals at All Costs

When Society Falls, Avoid THESE at All Costs

The rule of law governs society. Yet, crime rates continue to skyrocket in many parts of the country. With that in mind, imagine the...

Makeshift Saviors: Last Ditch Home Defense

Regardless of how prepared you are, the threat of an invader breaking the sanctity of your home and putting your family in danger is...
Why We Prep: 5 Reasons to Consider

Why We Prep: 5 Reasons to Consider

Prepping might be a lifestyle for some, but everyone can make use of common prepping techniques. You don’t need an underground bunker with years...
Harsh Realities of Starvation in Survival Situations

Harsh Realities of Starvation in Survival Situations

Let's be honest, the idea of starving to death is horrifying. It’s perhaps one of the biggest fears among preppers, outdoor enthusiasts, and frequent...

Lost in the Woods, How to Signal for Help

The forest is beautiful and inviting. The birds are chirping and the weather is fine, so you decide to step off the trail for...

How to Survive a Plane Crash

Consider this scenario: You've boarded a flight to go home for the holidays. Your family is anxiously awaiting your arrival. The plane takes off...

How to Survive Being Jailed While Abroad

So you’ve been traveling, broadening your mind, experiencing other cultures — but something’s gone wrong, and now a cop who doesn’t speak English is...
Your Brakes go out, How to Stop Your Car

How to Stop a Car After the Brakes Go Out

Many of us take jumping into our vehicle for granted. We have faith it will safely get us to our destination without fail. So...

How to Meet Fellow Survivalists and Preppers

The world of prepping may seem lonesome, but despite the media’s perception and description, prepping is more common than many people might think. In...

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