Ways to Find Other Preppers Like You

Ways to Find Other Preppers Like You

The world of prepping may seem lonesome, but despite the media’s perception and description, prepping is more common than you might think. It feels good to have conversations with like-minded people. However, when it comes to prep-talk, you need to be careful.

Some say the best way to meet preppers, like anyone, is completely at random. While this may be true, there are still a few ways you may be able to locate a prepper. For example, you may be at your local gun range and strike up a conversation with someone there.

Which leads to the next point: Don’t rush into conversations regarding prepping. Not only could you scare the person off, but you may also accidentally reveal too much about your own prep, which could turn you into a target.

Start with talking about the latest disaster or zombie movie or something similar; their response will likely give you an idea as to whether or not they’re a prepper. The conversation doesn’t have to be at a range. It could take place anywhere. Even a simple “nice shirt” to the person wearing a Ruger top could be enough to bring up prepping.

However, when you go about finding other preppers, you have to remember to always be careful when dealing with strangers and even people you call friends. Just be patient, and you’ll find someone; once you do you can start building a community. Check out how you can ditch the lone wolf mentality and build a survival community.

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