Preparing for Martial Law

Preparing for Martial Law

Martial Law typically refers to temporary military control over civilian authorities in a country, typically resulting from some sort of emergency. Many preppers are concerned about the imposition of martial law at some point in their lives. After all, it’s already happened more than 60 times throughout US history on state and local levels.

To prepare for martial law, you need to know some of the possible scenarios that can bring it about. That way, you know when it’s time to start taking precautionary measures to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Uncontrolled riots and protests, much like we’ve seen in several US areas, can potentially lead to martial law. Other trigger points can include natural disasters, economic collapse, state of war, democratic socialism, and human-made disasters.

Media blackouts or censorship can also serve as a path to martial law or complete government control. President Donald Trump has repeatedly called out the media for their bias for this very reason.

Under martial law, you will lose your customary civil rights. You can also potentially lose regular access to food sources, and in dire instances, you might even lose your home.

There’s not much you can do under martial law. You can prepare all you want: stock up on food, guns, and ammunition. But in reality, the military will likely confiscate everything.

If confronted with this situation, don’t be a hero. You’re not going to be able to defeat a platoon of soldiers. It’s best to listen to them, obey their directives, and avoid getting on their wrong side.

Fortunately, there is a workaround for this scenario. You can bury supplies ahead of time in a location where the military can’t find them. Remember, proper planning is your best chance at keeping needed supplies should the military go around confiscating items like food, water, ammo, and firearms. Proper planning is the best way to hold onto food and water. Self-reliance is the goal here.

Martial law is a serious concern among preppers, rightfully so. If you want to keep your supplies, it’s best if you hide them or bury them. You can check out this handy guide for additional information, showing you how to bury supplies for your survival cache.

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