Survival Scenarios

Survival Scenarios helps our subscribers to become prepared for the unknown and not become dependent on the government or others when disaster strikes. Emergency services will be stretched thin so being prepared will allow first responders to help more people who truly need assistance.

We are becoming well known and important in survival resources throughout the world. The Survival Guide is providing weekly news, tips & tactics to help our members increase their survival skills no matter what they encounter.

Which Reptiles Are Safe to Eat?

Which Reptiles Are Safe to Eat?

In a survival situation, one may be forced to eat some plants, animals and even insects that they would normally never consider. When the...

Are You Prepared for the Next Crisis?

The coronavirus proved that the world can be shut down rather quickly, and basic necessities can disappear from shelves faster than most are prepared...
Survival Lessons From the Homeless

Survival Lessons From the Homeless

You don’t have to get lost in the wilderness to be put in a survival situation. The loss of income or even a spouse...
Ways to Avoid Christmas Tree Devastation

Ways to Avoid Christmas Tree Devastation

Putting up the Christmas tree is a huge family tradition for many people. From stringing the lights to hanging the ornaments, decorating the tree...

Risks of Deep Frying a Turkey

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and people are prepping for what many say is the biggest meal of the year. Traditionally, most of...
How to Build a Survival Community

How to Build a Survival Community

Many preppers have a lone wolf mentality when it comes to survival; they want to do everything on their own. In the event of...

Staying Safe During An Earthquake

There’s no question that earthquakes can be extremely dangerous. Despite what many people believe, earthquakes can happen anywhere, meaning anyone could fall victim to...

5 Dangerous Diseases Spread by Animals and Insects

There are so many ways to contract a pathogen that there isn’t an actual solid number. You can get sick from eating raw food,...
How to Create a Family Emergency Plan

How to Create a Family Emergency Plan

(TheSurvivalGuide) - Truth is, nobody really knows when a disaster will strike, or how bad one will get when it arrives. Severe weather, natural...
"Hardening" Your Home From Intruders

“Hardening” Your Home From Intruders

As the saying goes, your home is your castle. However, the average home isn’t as safe as you might expect, much less secure than...

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