Creative Fortifications: Make Your Property a Stronghold


( – Your property is likely going to be the safest spot for you in a SHTF situation. The best offense is generally a good defense, and fortifying your property will provide a critical advantage should violence ever come knocking. This video by Southernprepper1 shows a great way to both fortify your home, and decorate at the same time.

By using cinder blocks and cement, you can create a wall that doubles as a planter. Planting herbs, food, and medicinal plants adds to the usefulness of the fortification when you’re not under siege.

Speaking of sieges, part of surviving one entails being well-supplied. Using your landscape for both defensive and utilitarian purposes only strengthens your position. It also gives your property a makeover.

If done correctly people won’t think twice about its presence — they’ll simply think it’s a cool idea.

Please note, however, you’ll need to check local laws before building any permanent structures. There are still laws that need to be followed and the last thing you want is to get fined or arrested. But once you have the green light, explore your creativity when fortifying your property.

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