Stockpile These for Sanity’s Sake

Don't Forget Coffee and Tea for Me

Coffee and tea are both luxuries many of us take for granted every day. Even going a short amount of time without them can cause some people to act out of character, so you can imagine why it’s important to stock up.

Despite preppers being painted by the media as crazy people who are ready for the apocalypse or decades of chaos, the majority of preppers only have enough resources (and space) to prepare for a few months out. This means they have to be careful as to what they stock up on to avoid losing space for the important items.

With that in mind, how much coffee or tea is enough to stock up on? A pound of ground coffee will give someone drinking 12-ounce cups about 24 mugs, whereas someone drinking from a 10-ounce cup will get about 29.

According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, the average person drinks 2 cups per day. For two adults who each drink two 12-ounce cups a day, they’re going through about 1.2 pounds of coffee each week or 62.4 pounds annually. Two people could get away with a 10-pound bag for two months at this rate. Even with space as an issue, a bag of coffee doesn’t take up any more room than a bag of rice; it’s all about what you prioritize.

Tea is the same way, except a 4-pound source can last a single person drinking a 12 oz. mug each day about 365 days, or two mugs for 6 months.

Coffee and tea can provide us with comfort in the aftermath of a disaster. They’ll also make great barter items after a large-scale emergency once people start running out. Check out these other items you should stock up on to barter with.

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