Don’t Toss That Rancid Food…

Don't Toss That Rancid Food...

One of the more well known aspects of prepping is the practice of storing food for emergency situations. Many preppers stockpile enough food to keep them comfortable during a disaster so they can survive until order is restored and supply lines are up and running once again. Unfortunately, most foods don’t last forever sitting on a shelf.

Once a food item has gone bad, be it just everyday consumables in the fridge or emergency rations in the prepper pantry, most people will toss it in the garbage and forget about it. But what if there were ways to put that rancid food to work?

What is Rancid Food, Exactly?

Rancid food is the result of fat molecules becoming oxidized. If heat is present the reaction will occur faster; the same goes for light and foods containing polyunsaturated fats.

Rancid is often a term used across a large group of foods. However, rancidity can only occur when oils oxidize, meaning nuts, whole flours, brown rice, seeds, and vegetable oil are the most commonly affected.

Put it to Use

Rancid foods or oils can be put to use on the homestead. While you may want to avoid baking or cooking with rancid foods or oils, you can easily use them as a lubricant. Or you can use the rancid products for lamp oil, rust preventative or furniture conditioner and polisher. Some people even use it to make homemade soap.

You can also make a candle, such as the one portrayed in this video.

Some foods are safe to eat rancid, which may be what you have to do in a survival situation. Check out these other food sources you may use in order to survive.

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