Fun Family Games That Build Survival Skills

Develop Children’s Survival Skills With These Fun Family Games

Building survival skills is often viewed as a gritty and difficult task. One in which a person is roughing it in the wild using bushcraft skills to survive off of the land. While that may be true in some instances, it doesn’t have to be the norm. In fact, there are some fun family games that one can play with their children that will both create quality time for the family, and teach essential survival skills.


As the video suggests, camping can be a great way for you to bond with your kids, teach them how to set up camp and maybe even start a fire. Of course, many outdoor activities can be used to teach children useful skills without them realizing that they’re learning. After all, some kids may not pay attention if they think they’re in for a boring lesson.

Another situation you can make a game out of is a power outage. The dark scares some kids, and the storm that caused the outage isn’t helping most of the time. Turn off all the lights and find alternate ways to cook your food to simulate a power outage. Not only will the kids be prepared for the real deal, but they also may not be as scared when the lights go out because they know what to do.

Some kids love to play doctor with their stuffed animals and siblings, so why not translate that into a real-world scenario? Have your kids practice wrapping bandages and making splints and slings. First-aid is important and can be used in various situations.

Hide and seek is a great way to help your kids find the best hiding places in the house in case of a home invasion. Check out other ways you can prepare your family for the worst.

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