Safety Tips to Avoid Giving Dangerous Gifts

Give the Gift of Toys Not Danger This Holiday Season

It’s almost time for jolly St. Nick to make his rounds. You can almost hear the children counting down the days as they are preparing for bed each night — wishing for this and wishing for that. All the while, their parents hope they don’t receive anything dangerous.

Everyone who gives gifts to children does it out of love. But, sometimes, they end up being a hazard. We even do it ourselves, unintentionally.

To keep children safe this holiday season, let’s look at some safety tips:

  • Suggested Age Range. Pay attention to the suggested age ranges found on the packaging. If they are too young for it, steer clear.
  • Button Batteries. Many toys are operated by button batteries, which can be hazardous to a young child if swallowed. They can choke, or worse yet, the battery can cause damage to their throat or possibly even internal organs. Most come with a small screw that keeps little fingers from prying the battery lid off and getting to the battery. Don’t remove the screw.
  • Online Toy Shopping. Pay attention to reviews. Were people concerned about small parts that came loose? Did other parents have bad experiences with the toy?
  • Watchdog Groups. These groups release lists of toys they found to be the most hazardous. Check out their information.

Listen to Christy Abrams of AzCDHH as she explains another toy danger:

We all want to give our children the best of everything. But, we have to stop and consider their ages sometimes. In this day and age, the best gift we can give them is our time and the knowledge they need to survive.

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