Green Beret Bug-Out Tips

Green Beret Bug-Out Tips

While sheltering in place may seem like the best option, there are times when you need to bug-out. Who better to get tips from than two former Green Berets? Watch Mike Glover and Kevin Owens give some pointers on bugging out that you may not be able to get anywhere else.

These two Green Berets explain why the best thing to do first when coming up with a bug-out plan is to run reconnaissance. This can be done via the internet with a mixture of physically scoping out an escape route. They even tell you exactly how to correlate your position with your map, making it easier to track your movement and in turn, navigate the area in general. Details matter; you’re not just going on a nature walk. You need to take information in, both mentally and physically via a map or even cell phone or GPS.

Another element the Berets touch on is placing caches along your route. These are areas in which you store supplies that are useful to your journey and necessary for your survival. From mapping it out to sharing the info and what to include and avoid in your cache, these guys share it all.

These are only a couple of tips for bugging out. There are so many more out there, the internet is at your disposal to find what works best for you. Watch Mike and Kevin’s video for a more in-depth explanation and more tips. Being prepared and having the knowledge to execute your plan and survive will beat fancy technology any day.

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