Growing Your Own Toilet Paper

Growing Your Own Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is clearly needed as the beginning of 2020 has shown. However, not only is the supply chain fragile, but it might not always be around. In addition, you may not always have toilet paper handy, and you certainly don’t want to use your hand for bathroom duties.

So, how do you grow your own toilet paper? The answer, unlike toilet paper, has been around forever or at least since the birth of these plants. One of the best plants to use for TP, as seen in the video, is moss. It grows virtually everywhere and has over 14,000 variants, all of which are completely safe to use. Moss also possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Thanks to the fact that it grows just about anywhere as well, in combination with its softness, the lamb’s ear is a great natural alternative to toilet paper. Thankfully, like moss, lamb’s ear plants have no toxic look-alikes. Along with its natural softness, the lamb’s ear’s leaves are wide and thick, making it ideal for wiping.

Slippery elm leaves, on the other hand, are not soft; in fact, they’re quite rough. However, that coarseness is what makes the slippery elm leaves good for wiping, especially for large or dry messes.

Plants are not only great alternatives to toilet paper, but they can also help you produce waste because they’re edible. Check out how foraging for your food can help you survive, surely plants are more palatable than these critters.

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