Holidays Can Be Harmful to Your Pets

Holidays Can Be Harmful to Your Pets

Christmas is in the air. That means decorating the tree, homes, and of course, shopping for gifts. For many, thoughts of safety measures needed to keep their fur babies out of danger aren’t far from their minds. Like children, animals can be curious critters when it comes to the twinkling and shiny new objects that seem to appear out of nowhere.

FOX 2 out of St. Louis gives us ideas on what can be harmful to our pets:

Our furry friends look to us for food, shelter, and protection. Christmas is no different. Holidays bring out many items they have a natural curiosity about, and it’s our job to ensure their safety.

Let’s view tips on keeping them out of harm’s way.

  • Christmas Wires. Make sure all wiring is out of reach. Pets could become interested in these and chew on them, resulting in a burn, or worse, electrocution.
  • Turkey Bones. Cooked bones become brittle and, when chewed, splinter into tiny pieces that can cause severe harm to an animal’s stomach.
  • Ribbons and Tinsel. These seem like the perfect toy to curious animals. But, if swallowed, they can cause vomiting or obstruct digestive tracts.
  • Batteries. Cats play with anything that moves. Dogs and cats chew on anything that fits in their mouth and interests them. Batteries are choking hazards, and button batteries can lead to internal injuries or esophagus burns.

Pets are parts of the family. Don’t make a holiday mistake that leads to a tragic situation.

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