How to Help Pets Handle Celebrations This 4th

How to Help Pets Handle Celebrations This 4th

Americans love to celebrate their independence, especially with friends and families. Not all family members walk on two legs and enjoy fireworks, though. Pets are just as welcome as any human, but be sure to take special care of them during the various Fourth of July festivities.

Please take the time to ensure your pets are comfortable this holiday weekend.

When it comes to the Fourth of July, you may immediately think of fireworks, cookouts, and possibly partying.

While many of us enjoy a good firework show, our beloved furry friends are not fans. No they don’t hate America and they certainly don’t hate you for having fun. They’re just easily scared as they don’t understand what’s going on.

Fireworks can be overwhelming for animals, especially for dogs as they’re very sensitive to sound. While cats don’t typically care about anything that is going on outside of their little world, dogs certainly do.

Having a big party can affect your pets, too. A large group of people may be overwhelming to a pet, especially when there’s a bunch of strangers at your home. Dogs can become very hyper when they get anxious.

A good way to prevent your dog from becoming too restless is to exercise them before the party. They’ll spend a lot of energy playing and running and, in turn, will be more calm and restful while your guests are over.

The Fourth of July also brings about a major spike in lost pets. This is because they try to get away from the noise, so they might wander off and get lost. Be sure to keep track of your pup; even installing a microchip tracker is an option to keep them from getting lost.

Whatever your plans are for Independence Day, be sure that your furry friends are as safe as and enjoying it as much as you will.

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