How to Prepare Emergency Water Storage


Water is easily one of the most important aspects of survival. Just three days without water in even the most ideal conditions can be deadly. With massive droughts afflicting large portions of the nation and wildfires raging out of control, the time to consider preparing a store of emergency water is now. But how can one go about it to ensure their stored water stays good? Read on to find out.

In a disaster scenario, water lines can be compromised — putting everyone affected in danger of dehydration (and potentially death). So what can one do to ensure they have enough water stored up to last through an emergency?

Here’s a video by City Prepping on YouTube showing ideal water preparation and storage.

Remember that UV rays can cause the growth of algae and other unpleasant contaminants, so you want to keep your water out of the sunlight. Copper helps keep your water clean, so it’s an ideal tubing to store, or move, your water from one place to the other. Use the info from the video above and just keep in mind no matter how or where you store your water, keep it in a sealed container away from the sun and contaminants.

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