Pines — Who Knew They Were So Useful?

Pines — Who Knew They Were So Useful

Nature provides us with everything we need to survive; we just need the knowledge to utilize it properly. Take for instance the pine tree. It may come as a surprise to many people just how useful pine trees are.

Pine resin on its own is very useful. The video above shows how pine resin can be acquired, and one way it can be used. However, aside from gluing a wound shut, pine resin is also great for starting fires as it’s surprisingly flammable. The sap can also be cooked with sugar to create cough drops that soothe your throat.

Pine needles are also great for several reasons. One reason is the tea it makes, which isn’t for everyone, but it does have its benefits. Another reason is that pine needles themselves can be used as tinder to create a fire, or even as a toothpick.

There are a couple of hidden food sources in pine trees. One of those is pine pitch, the area between the wood and the bark of the tree. That’s right, you can eat pine pitch raw, boiled or roasted. The other food source, pine nuts, are inside the pinecones. Check out how beneficial pine nuts are to add to your diet. Surprisingly, they’re easy to harvest as well.

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