Keeping Your Most Important Prepping Tool Sharp…

Keeping Your Most Important Prepping Tool Sharp...

When asked what someone’s most important item is in their prep, many people think of their most expensive and irreplaceable items. However, the answer is much simpler than many of us might think. Here’s how you can keep your most important tool, yourself, in good condition.

As the video states, self-care is vital during stressful times such as surviving. You need to take care of yourself. The human body is essentially a machine that intakes food and water, turns it into energy and gets rid of the waste. As with any machine, your body needs to be regularly maintained to stay in tip-top shape and keep running smoothly.

The mind is an amazing piece of biology that’s only limited by itself. However, you need to have mental check-ins with yourself to understand what kind of shape you’re in. Many of us live stressful lives with our responsibilities and duties. However, without you, none of those things hold any meaning. After all, you are your most important resource.

Exercise can help you, both mentally and physically, so maybe take up a hobby that relaxes you. Think about doing yoga or having meditation sessions. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s the approach you want and not what other people think you should do.

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