Keeping Your Toilet Paper Safe…


It seems as if nothing is safe from the appetite of insects. Termites gorge on wood and can destroy entire homes. Some moths eat cloth, while others infest grains and feed. There are some insects that even prefer the taste of paper and can find a delicacy in your bathroom.

Silverfish are known for their love of toilet paper, or any paper actually. These little silver critters are about ¾ inch long with antennae on one end and a few spikes on the other; like all insects, silverfish have six legs. These guys prefer damp climates, which often leads them to your restroom, where they then find your precious toilet paper.

One action you can take to stop your toilet paper from being used as a food source rather than its intended purpose is to build a storage container for it. To do this you need a piece of PVC pipe, large enough to fit the toilet paper rolls into, so likely 4 inches or larger. Cut the pipe to whatever length you desire, place the toilet paper inside and cap off both ends. No PVC glue is needed to keep bugs out, but it may be necessary if you want to make the tube waterproof; don’t glue both ends though.

There you have it! A simple and rather cost-effective way to prevent your TP from being eaten by silverfish and any other bugs that may fancy it.

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