Laundry Day, With or Without Water

Laundry Day, With or Without Water

Hygiene is important, and you can’t have proper hygiene if you don’t clean your clothes. If you clean yourself, but don the same thing you’ve been wearing for days, you’ll instantly re-encounter any bacteria or germs present on the fabric. Here’s how you make sure your clothes really are pristine — with or without water.

AlaskaGranny shows us how she utilizes a plunger, a bucket, and a pizza pan to wash clothes in an emergency. Then, she hangs the wet clothes in the sun to let dry. Simple, easy, and best of all, nearly free.

The only problem in SHTF situations? Well, frankly you might not always have access to water you can spare. That’s where the sun comes in.

Simply turn your clothes inside out and shake them vigorously. You should see dust and possibly some debris in the air as you do this. Once you’re done shaking your clothes out, lay them out flat in the sun.

Depending on your location, this may take more or less time. Generally speaking, the longer the better. You can leave your clothes in the sun all day, and then wear them. Or, you can flip them over and repeat the same process a few days in a row. Just be aware that colors may fade after too much time exposed.

There is a caveat to this method: it won’t remove any hard debris, like caked-on mud or grass stains. But the sun’s rays have been shown to kill germs after a certain amount of exposure, which is still incredibly helpful. Better stained and clean than truly dirty.

The sun method may not be the perfect way to clean clothes, but in an emergency, it’s better than nothing at all. That’s why it’s so important to prepare for SHTF scenarios well in advance. Amp up your knowledge with these important reasons to start prepping.

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