Lost? Save Yourself With a Paperclip

Lost? Save Yourself With a Paperclip

A nightmare scenario for many people is becoming lost in an unknown area. The situation can prove deadly if the individual doesn’t have the necessary skills or mindset to survive. Here’s how a paperclip may just save your life should you ever be in this situation.

As seen in the video created by Alison Doyle, a paperclip can work as a functioning compass. The ability to find your direction is imperative in a survival situation. The paperclip compass will help you determine north and south, which will allow you to travel in your desired direction.

All you need to do is straighten out the paperclip, place a leaf on a puddle of water and then magnetize the paperclip. You can achieve this effect by sliding a rock across the metal in one direction.

Once you’ve magnetized the paperclip, place it vertically along the leaf. The paperclip will cause the leaf to rotate freely in the water and point north and south.

The same trick works with a sewing needle. Check out these other ways you can find your direction in the wild and potentially save your life.

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