Prepper Pop Can Uses

Prepper Pop Can Uses

Soda cans are often overlooked as useful items due to their inability to reseal like bottles. However, these metal cans can provide us with some useful tools in a survival situation. Just check out the pop can lantern in the video below.

As the video shows, you can craft a candle lantern from a used soda can, but there are many other ways to upcycle what you have. Here are a few other creative options.

Fish Hooks

One cool way to utilize a soda can is to use its pop tab as a fish hook. Use some cutting utensils to cut the larger portion of the tab and reshape it into a hook. Next, sharpen the tip, and then it’s ready for use.


That’s right, you can turn a soda can into a planter for use on any surface. Simply cut the top of the can off and fill it with soil and plant your seeds; plastic can be used to cover the can while the plants are seeding. Paint the cans a light color if you live in a warmer climate and paint them black if you live in a colder climate.

You can also add rocks to the bottom of the can to allow the water to collect at the bottom and avoid your roots soaking in it.

Check out how you can create a stove from a soup can, which can also be similarly done with a soda can.

Do you know of any other useful ways to upcycle a soda can? Reply to your email and let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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