Reviewing Emergency Preparation With the Family


Emergency preparation and planning are crucial in keeping your family safe. Review your emergency plan frequently to account for any changes and to make improvements. The video below describes what should be included in your emergency plan.

Get the Kids Involved

Parents often don’t want their kids to worry. However, in this case, the children need to know the plan as well in order to properly follow procedure. Have them help prepare each step of the way. Let them know that by becoming prepared, they’re actually becoming safer.

Food Storage

The food you put back for an emergency may very well be the only food you have after a disaster. There should be rules put into place to ensure the food lasts through the disaster and your family doesn’t go hungry. This may be a time when rationing might have to come into play.

Attention Grabber

Your family needs to have a word that will make them drop whatever they’re doing and provide their undivided attention. The word or phrase should only be used for emergency situations and when practicing your plan, one that would stand out, but you don’t commonly use, like “The Martians Have Landed!”


Your family should all know of an area where you can meet should you get split up during an emergency. You also need to have an area where you can all meet should your home need to be evacuated. Each family member should have a list of phone numbers in order to communicate with other members of the family.

Last But Not Least

The final part of creating a family plan is to practice it and play out different scenarios; you can use these results as a way to improve your strategies. The more the plan is practiced, the better. Eventually, it will become second nature allowing the family to enact the plan without thinking when stress is high.

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