Risks of Deep Frying a Turkey


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and people are prepping for what many say is the biggest meal of the year. Traditionally, most of us would simply put a turkey in the oven, taking it out and basting it periodically. However, some people elect to deep fry their turkey, which is fine, but it can be dangerous.

When deep-frying a turkey, there are major dangers you need to be cautious of to prevent your holiday from becoming a tragedy. The first is that kids or pets may touch the fryer, so be sure to keep curious hands and noses away. Your pot tipping over is also a serious risk that can result in injury. Other possible hazards include:

  • An overfilled cooking pot.
  • Thermostat defection and combustion.
  • Hot oil splashing or spilling over.

An overly hot fryer can also be dangerous. All these dangers can cause third-degree burns and serious injury to the eyes if they make contact with the oil. However, it’s not only people at risk; turkey deep fryers are also potential fire hazards.

Safety Tips

Maybe it’s your tradition to deep fry the turkey, or maybe you’ve never done it and want to try it. Whatever your reasoning, be sure to follow these safety tips to avoid injury:

  • Choose the right location: outside, at least 10 feet away from your siding and deck.
  • Follow the cooking directions exactly and don’t overfill your cooking oil.
  • Keep an eye on the deep fryer at all times. Constant supervision is needed, especially when pets and children are nearby.
  • Defrost the turkey completely. Failure to do so will result in the oil erupting, causing injury.
  • Wear protective gear. In the event that disaster strikes, the gear will protect most, if not all of, your body.

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