Self-Feeding Campfire

Self-Feeding Campfire

Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors. However, sometimes it does get a little chillier than some people would like. You need a fire to stay warm, but getting up in the middle of the night to feed that fire is tiresome. Check out how you can build a self-feeding fire so you can sleep throughout the night and stay warm.

A simple yet genius design allows you to make a fire that will last 14 hours, in some cases, even longer than that. First, you need to build two ramps facing each other. Second, you need to gather firewood that is both straight and circular, or as best as you can get.

Next, lay the wood on the ramps. You’ll notice that the logs will fall down and into the center. That’s where your fire is going to be. Make sure that both ends of the two bottom logs are open to ensure even burning. If you don’t maintain even burning, the logs won’t fall into place properly, and the system will fail.

The idea behind the design is that as the logs burn, the logs next in line will fall to the center and start to burn. The more logs you have on the ramps, the longer the fire burns.

Of course, to make this system work, you need to start a fire. Check out how you can light a fire using the good ole rubbing sticks together method. If that’s not working for you, try using a water bottle.

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