Staying Safe During An Earthquake


There’s no question that earthquakes can be extremely dangerous. Despite what many people believe, earthquakes can happen anywhere, meaning anyone could fall victim to one. Here’s how you can stay safe during an earthquake.

There are three steps to ensuring you stay safe during an earthquake: Drop (lock), cover, and hold on. Each of these steps can be executed by anyone, increasing your chance of survival.

1. Drop or Lock

The first thing you should do in the event of an earthquake is drop or lock. Any able-bodied person or those using a cane should drop down to their hands and knees. Those who use a walker or wheelchair need to make sure they lock their wheels and stay seated.

2. Cover

The second action you need to take during an earthquake after you’ve successfully dropped or locked is to cover up. Using your hands and arms, cover your head and neck as much as possible. If there is a sturdy piece of furniture nearby like a large desk, crawl under it. If there is no nearby shelter, move toward a wall facing the interior of the building away from windows.

3. Hold On

If you’re able to get under something like a large table, do so. Then, firmly grip it with one hand and be ready to move if it moves. If you’re using a walker or wheelchair, stay in your seat, bend forward and cover your neck with both of your arms and hold on to your neck with both hands.

Unfortunately, in some cases surviving the earthquake is only the beginning. You may need to rely on emergency supplies to survive the aftermath of one. Water is one of the most important things the human body needs to survive. However, your water storage or supply can easily become contaminated during an earthquake. Be sure to check out how you can disinfect water using items in your home and be able to stay hydrated.

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