Sunlight for Survival

Sunlight for Survival

Sunlight helps us in ways we often take for granted. Without the sun, life on Earth would be nonexistent or very different at the least. Check out how sunlight can help you survive.

As the video explains, the sun can be used to purify water, which is important in a survival situation. What other ways can you utilize sunlight in a survival situation?


If you are not equipped with any items that can help you find your direction, you can count on the sun to help. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west; with this knowledge, you can determine each direction. Once you’ve found east and west, you can determine north and south.

Fighting Germs

Sunlight can kill germs, so even if you have no way to wash your clothes, you can lay them in the sun for a few hours or even a day. The clothes will be noticeably dryer and smell fresher.


Gather a pile of tinder and focus the sun’s rays onto the pile with a magnifying glass, a pair of eyeglasses or even a glass bottle. The tinder will eventually ignite, allowing you to build a fire for warmth or cooking.

The sun is helpful in several ways; it can even help with depression. Unfortunately, the sun is only useful when it’s visible. On a cloudy day, it won’t be much help in a survival situation.

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