Surprising Survival Food Hiding in Pine Trees


When many people think about pine trees, visions of sparkling Christmas trees often come to mind. For others, it brings up memories of camping and playing with pinecones as a child. What most don’t think about, however, is the fact that there are nuts hidden away inside pinecones – nuts that are not only edible, but quite beneficial to one’s diet.

See for yourself.

According to, pine nuts are packed with nutrients that have a beneficial impact on health. For example, the nuts contain pinolenic acid, which improves your cholesterol by decreasing the bad cholesterol in your blood – reducing the risk of heart disease.

Consuming pine nuts also significantly reduces the risk of cancer. They can also boost your health in several additional ways:

  • Boosts brain health.
  • Improves bone strength.
  • Helps the eyes stay healthy.
  • Promotes a strong immune system.
  • Promotes weight loss.

Pine nuts also help increase energy levels and improve hair and skin health, reducing the signs of aging and inflammation. With all these benefits, why wouldn’t you want to add them to your diet?

Maybe nuts aren’t your favorite choice, but you still want to make the most of what you have and lead a healthy life. Check out how you can forage for food in your own backyard; it could prove useful one day.

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