Survival Lessons From the Homeless

Survival Lessons From the Homeless

You don’t have to get lost in the wilderness to be put in a survival situation. The loss of income or even a spouse can have world-shattering effects for many people, often leading to homelessness.

Without money, food, or even a consistent form of shelter to rely on, the homeless live day to day in what many would consider a post-apocalyptic lifestyle. They can be considered the ultimate survivors of modern society. So what can be learned from the homeless that can be applied to prepping and survival? Read on to find out…

John Bennet, a homeless man certified in search and rescue, explains how the homeless survive the cold of winter in the following video:

In winter, the biggest threat is the cold. As John explains in the video, you need to dress in layers if possible. However, be careful as overdressing will result in sweating — and as John points out, that sweat will freeze and trap the cold around your body.

Shelter is the number one priority here. Whether it be a tent or a hand-built shelter, escaping the elements is key to survival. After you’ve built a shelter, you can move on to building a fire; have a lighter or flint and steel handy along with tinder like birch bark. Food and water are going to priorities as well, and that’s never going to change.

Scavenging may also be a large possibility depending on your situation. Make the most of what you can find. Check out how you can make a fire with a battery and a gum wrapper and keep it going in the snow. Then, you can check out how to make bread over your fire if you have the resources.

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