The Skill of Butchering a Rabbit

The Skill of Butchering a Rabbit

The ability to hunt an animal is vital for a survivalist. However, hunting only gets you a body; you need to be able to skin and butcher your kill as well. Rabbits are a great animal to both hunt and raise. Additionally, they are easy to butcher, making them an ideal source of food.


The first thing you need to clean a rabbit is to gather all the necessary items for the butchering process. Sharpen any knives you’re going to use and grab two large bowls and a trash bag. Depending on how you process the rabbit, you may need some rope.

Next, you’ll be getting ready to make the kill. Now, there are several ways you can kill a rabbit, but please make sure to do it as humanely and quickly as possible; there’s no need to make the animal suffer.

How you kill the rabbit is entirely up to you, and everyone has their preference. A simple knife to the back of the neck and cut the head off as forceful and quick as possible will do the trick. Or, you can choose to smack it over the head with a blunt object and sever the rabbit’s head from its body.

Once the deed is done, you’ll need to remove the skin and the rabbit’s internal organs. Remember that you can use the skin to make clothing, and you can reuse the stomach as a small container.

While rabbits can be an excellent substitute for chicken due to the meat’s similarities, some people have problems eating it. Check out how overeating rabbit meat can affect you.

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