Ways to Avoid Christmas Tree Devastation

Ways to Avoid Christmas Tree Devastation

As I watched the firemen roll up the last of their fire hoses, I stood there shaking my head in disbelief. A Christmas tree did all this damage? What had once been a beautiful two-story house was now just a pile of smoldering wood and melted siding. How had this happened?

Believe it or not, under the right conditions, a Christmas tree can go up in under one minute. Safety Sean explains:

Some people believe that fires can only happen if they have live trees, but that just isn’t true. Live or artificial, there is still a fire risk, and it mainly comes in the form of electrical issues. So, before putting up that Christmas tree, let’s go over a few more safety precautions not discussed by Safety Sean.

  • Don’t use damaged lights — wire or sockets.
  • Never plug more than three light strands together.
  • Avoid overloading extension cords.
  • Shut lights off when away or at bedtime.
  • Never hang outdoor lights on an inside Christmas tree.

One last thing to remember before lighting your tree and house up with extra lights, check your smoke detectors! If you don’t have any, now would be an excellent time to get some.

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