Which Reptiles Are Safe to Eat?

Which Reptiles Are Safe to Eat?

In a survival situation, one may be forced to eat some plants, animals and even insects that they would normally never consider. When the choice comes down to starvation or consuming some lizard meat, chances are good that anyone is going to choose eating the lizard. But are lizards actually safe to eat?

Cook Them Up

Yes, the majority of lizards in North America are safe to consume – so long as you cook them. Bacteria such as salmonella are a concern when eating lizards. Huntin certain reptiles can pose a danger though, as there are venomous varieties lurking in the wild.

The Gila monster, for example, creates a neurotoxin that can kill if a person gets bit. Many species of snakes are also known to be venomous. Even non-venomous reptiles can prove dangerous as their saliva contains harmful bacteria that can lead to infection and potentially death in a survival situation.

Unlike the Iguanas from the video above, the majority of lizards aren’t going to be packing a lot of meat on their bones. It’s going to take more than one to feed a hungry hunter. Other, larger, prey is arguably better to pursue, however, in certain areas of the world lizards may well be the only available option.

Hunting reptiles can be as simple as digging a hole in the ground and placing bait at the bottom. This method works best with turtles and snakes. On the other hand, it isn’t very practical for huntings lizards since they can climb out in most instances.

Firearms are not recommended for hunting reptiles since most are small, and the bullet would obliterate the body, leaving next to nothing for you to eat. Instead, you can use a makeshift spear made from a branch and knife, or even just a sharpened stick.

Always remember to cook reptile meat thoroughly before consuming it. Never eat it raw. As long as you can identify dangerous reptiles to avoid, all you really need to hunt and eat them is a knife or spear.

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