Dehydrated Meals: How to Make Your Own

Dehydrated Meals: Learning to Make Your Own

There’s no shortage of ways to prepare food. However, not all are equal as some taste better and others last much longer depending on how they’re prepared. One of those methods is to dehydrate your food, many times not sacrificing taste for longevity.

A practice that’s been around since about 12,000 BC, dehydrating food is nothing new. However, the way we dehydrate food has somewhat changed depending on the method; some people simply use the sun and a hot dry day to dehydrate their food, while others don’t have that opportunity and need an open fire. Thanks to the human mind we have household dehydrators, which are now the preferred way to complete the task.

One major reason many people are dehydrating food is due to the extended shelf life; dehydrated foods have been proven to last years beyond the shelf life of their hydrated counterparts. Not only will the food last longer, but it will also take up less space.

Using a dehydrator is pretty simple and can be beneficial. First, you need to prepare your foods, wash them if needed and do any other necessary prep work; some vegetables need to be steamed before dehydration.

Like with an oven, the dehydrator needs to be preheated before being used. It’s all about temperature and timing, with most normal cook times being 10 or more hours. Don’t turn the heat up in an attempt to speed up the process, this will only cook the outside, leaving the inside moist and causing the food to have a shorter shelf life.

Like with anything you need to plan, there’s plenty of reason to prepare ahead for your meals and be ready for potential future situations. Check out this ancient preservation technique that utilizes the dehydration of foods.

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