Flashlight — Don’t Leave Home Without One

Flashlight — Don’t Leave Home Without One

There are several items you should never leave your home without, like pants. Jokes aside, the world can be incredibly dangerous, and you need to be ready to defend yourself. Not everyone can carry a firearm, but there’s one way to defend yourself effectively without one.

Yes, we know, the video has nothing to do with defending yourself. However, that depends on perspective, as you could be attempting to defend yourself from the cold or wild animals. Whatever the case, you can start a fire using the tool everyone should carry, a flashlight.

You may be wondering how on earth a flashlight can be used to defend yourself. Well, the answer is pretty simple. First, you can use it to blind the attacker and effectively conceal your movements.

The tactic may seem unhelpful because the attacker obviously knows you’re in the direction of the light, and they cannot see what you’re doing behind it; could be a good thing if you’re going to reach for your firearm. The light also offers you a chance to observe the situation with greater detail and determine whether a threat is actually present.

Of course, you can use the flashlight as a light source — kind of why they were created, after all. If you have a big enough flashlight, you can use it as a blunt weapon, which can wreak havoc on an attacker. Should you buy a flashlight with a striking end, you can use it to break glass to save yourself or others from being trapped in dangerous situations.

Believe it or not, you can be attacked anywhere and may need to use the environment to defend yourself. Check out how a fire extinguisher can do more than put out a fire.

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