Stockpiling Alcohol — Not the Antiseptic Either

Stockpiling Alcohol — Not the Antiseptic Either

Alcohol is a hot commodity around the globe. From personal consumption to social gatherings and even for cooking, alcohol is ingrained in society. For this reason, stockpiling alcohol could be a serious investment if anything were to ever happen. For example, alcohol is a great bartering item.

Aside from the obvious — being able to drink alcohol and forgetting about life for a while — you can use it as a trade commodity. In a SHTF scenario, alcohol will be valuable for many as a way to escape the new reality. The true benefits of alcohol, however, go beyond simple intoxication.

Both isopropyl, the alcohol you find in your medicine cabinet, and ethyl alcohol, the kind you drink, have antiseptic properties, making them great for first aid and surgery uses. Keep in mind, however, that the ethyl alcohol needs to be 60% or greater to be effective for surgeries and 40% is enough for first aid. Alcohol can also be used to disinfect your surgical instruments.

Alcohol can also be used to clean items, such as countertops and firearms, in a pinch — that is if you can spare it. Vodka, when swished around in the mouth, can reduce the pain associated with a toothache. You can also start a fire using alcohol as any variety over a certain proof is flammable.

While talking about starting fires, check out how you can start your own with a water bottle. Perhaps clear alcohol would have the same effect, maybe even add a little extra help to the fire. If you do experiment, do so with caution.

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