Unusual Applications for a Rubber Band

Rubber Bands: Reusable, Resourceful and Readily Available

Surely, you’ve used a rubber band at some point in your life, whether it be for its intended purpose or maybe to shoot at a friend. Whatever the case may be, rubber bands are highly useful and reusable to an extent. In fact, rubber bands are so useful the US Army Rangers developed their own take on the piece of rubber, known as ranger bands.

Ranger bands are essentially pieces of tire inner tubes found on bicycles. Longer cuts can be used as grips for tools, flashlights and firearms. If you have a lighter, they also make great fire starters.

Enough about ranger bands though; let’s move on to the better-known rubber band. These bands can be used to hold items together. You can also use rubber bands to:

  • Create tool grips
  • Keep your boots on
  • Keep sleeves and pants legs sealed (to prevent wind or insects from entering)
  • Keep your eyeglasses on
  • Keep a face mask on
  • Help remove a striped screw (place the rubber band over the stripped screw-head, then use the screwdriver on top of it)

If you have colored rubber bands, you can use them to color-code different items, which is especially useful for rechargeable batteries. Use one color of rubber bands to hold the charged batteries together and another to hold the uncharged batteries together.

Rubber bands have a number of applications almost unlimited by the imagination. Check out this other common item many people would overlook in a survival situation.

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