How to Live Without a Refrigerator


Many of us have become dependent on refrigerators to keep our foods from spoiling. However, not everyone in the world has a fridge, and the convenience certainly hasn’t been around forever. So, how did we live without refrigerators, and how do people do it today?

Like the couple in the video shows, life without refrigeration is possible. Of course, you probably already knew that as people were alive before electricity was invented and well before refrigeration. Humans have an uncanny ability to adapt, and without refrigeration, some people have gotten creative.

In the winter, keeping your food cool is easy. Many homes have an area where it’s always colder than the rest of the house, so you can keep the food there. Or, if you have a shed with a lockable entrance, you can store your food there and make a walk-in freezer.

The summer, on the other hand, can prove to be a little more difficult, especially as the weather really heats up. However, that didn’t stop our enthusiastic couple; they found a way to keep certain items cool with a clay pot and some water. Other items don’t need to be refrigerated, and room temperature is just fine. Eggs are one example.

Be sure to check out how our ancestors preserved their food long before the invention of refrigeration.

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